Air Jordan XXX(30) Retro-003

Air Jordan XXX(30) Retro-003


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Air Jordan XXX(30) Retro Man's

Jordan brand official said, Air Jordan XXX design a comprehensive reflection of Michael Jordan as a basketball player and design partner of growth. Wherein each element reflects the actual performance of the shoes and design inspiration.
From the design of the shoes, on behalf of Air Jordan 30 generation "XXX" in the back of the shoe with a net into the stars on the upper symbolizes athletes remarkable ability, but then had a crack or carbon fiber and Jordan Brand shoes style of innovation is associated. Overall, AJ 30 in the upper, toe grip, materials, and fit degree have made a new attempt.
As another sign of Jordan Brand, a smooth toe are fully reflected in the new shoes. "Michael has always been obsessed with the toe of the shoe down slightly curved shape." Designer Tinker Hatfield said.
Therefore, Air Jordan XXX uses Mark Smith (Mark Smith) to build a new printing technology, which not only makes the shoes durable and breathable, but also to meet Joe closer preferences.
Air Jordan XXX(30) Retro-003

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